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[DF] Dark Forces Clan - Online Gaming COD4 Clan

Dark Forces | SA Online Gaming Clan

[DF] Dark Forces Clan is a South African based online gaming clan playing across the various gaming platforms with local and international players on:

  • BattleFields Bad Company 2 -- BFBC2
  • BattleFields3 -- BF3
  • League of Legends -- LOL
  • Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare -- COD4 MW
  • Clash of Clans --COC
  • Real Racing 3 --RR3

Unlike most other clans who recruit all the top players we accept even the newest "noob" as long as he is a true gamer. It is not uncommon to see the "noob" of today go on to be the "Lite" of tomorrow. We are first and formost a clan of Gamers, not game players, but GAMERS.The difference being we are all passionate about our games and strive to provide an online gaming environment that is friendly, supportive and very competitive all at the same time. Online Gaming can be annoying at times with server versions and punkbuster issues [DF] Clan are here to help and guide you in any respect of online gaming.



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