DF WhatsApp/Blue Stacks Print

Dark Forces WhatsApp (061 258 5930)

This will be the official WhatsApp number for Dark Forces Clan. The number is not on any phone so dont try call it, it is solely for creating channels for DF to chat on WhatsApp.  For those of you who wish to have WhatsApp on their PC's it is suggested that you get a seperate number which costs only 99c . Here is a link to download the Bluestacks app for Android on your PC/TV. Installation is quite simple but once you have downloaded the app follow these steps :

  • Click Download to get application...... Download
  • Click on setup file (BlueStacks-SplitInstaller_native)
  • Select Run Ok 
  • Select Continue
  • rest is self explainatory

if you have a problem give me a shout and I will assist asap.